Useful information

KLIK refund policy is to return each product within 15 calendar days from the day of delivery (as evidenced by the courier document or any carrier used).

Before each return it is necessary to fill in the product return formor contact us via e-mail or phone in order to give you our consent for the return you want to make. In any other case, KLIK reserves the right to refuse to accept your return.

In addition, you must include the receipt (or invoice) that was sent to you with the package you received from KLIK, so that the return process can be completed successfully (otherwise, in which you do not have the relevant document, it is not possible to return products).

KLIK accepts the responsibility for sending the wrong, damaged or generally defective product. In this case the replacement is made without the cost of return and new shipping. Refunds are only accepted if the product is not available. Necessary condition is in the return of the product to use the transport / courier proposed by our company.

To secure your return rights, we recommend that you use postal, courier or shipping service to record the status of the shipment, as we can not take responsibility in case the returned product does not reach our offices (and therefore not can be replaced or refunded). The customer is always responsible for sending the product, as the recipient of the KLIK, it is not possible to search for your package in any post office / shipping.

Your request for replacement or refund, please send it either in writing in your package or by e-mail as there is the possibility to call us at 2310.287.050 (prefix +30 for calls from abroad) and let us know if you want replace a product or let us know of any complaints about our products and services.

For return of non-faulty, non-damaged or generally non-defective product, the customer bears the costs of both shipping and return. Before returning a non-faulty, non-damaged or generally non-defective product, please check that basic requirements of the KLIK refund policy are met:

  • - The product is in condition that can be resold (with the manufacturer's tabs, without damage, dirt, use, etc.)
  • - The product has not been "personalized" (no name and / or number has been printed, no badges have been affixed, etc.)
  • - The product was not on sale at the time of purchase.
  • - You have the receipt (or invoice) to present with the return.

If the product meets the above criteria, you can send it back to us for replacement with another product from our catalog or you will be issued a credit note for your subsequent purchases. Refunds are not accepted. In case of return due to replacement, you can choose from the entire list of our products.

The address for returns is:
Proxenou Koromila 34, ΤΚ 54622
Thessaloniki, Greece

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